Where To Buy Steel And Other Metals

When you are using metal for a project or to build something, you need to be able to get the material you need, when you need it. Finding a supplier in your area is best because it can help avoid the cost of having the material shipped to you. Using a local supplier also allows you o visit the shop and select materials when you need them. 

Metal Suppliers

Often metal recyclers are also the best place to buy steel, aluminum, alloys, and other metals. They usually offer new and used metal for sale, and sometimes you can find one that will sell scrap steel and other metals if there is something there that you can use. Check with the local scrap yard in your area to see if they sell metal as well as buy it before you head over there with your list in hand. They may not sell steel, but if they don't, they will most likely know where to send you for it. 

Home Centers

Many home and garden centers or home improvement stores offer limited amounts of steel or other metals in the store. They do not have a lot of large pieces of material, but for small projects, you can sometimes find small pieces of steel plate, some steel rod, square tubing, and threaded material. You will need to go to the store and look at what they have because it can change from store to store and the supply is often limited. 

Hardware Stores

If you still have a hardware store in your town, you may find some steel or other metal there. The hardware stores used to stock metal in small quantities for the farmers or mechanics in the area. It is hard to find a large hardware store now because the large home centers have made it hard for them to compete but in some areas, these stores are still open. They have a lot of different things in them so some steel or aluminum would not be out of the question to find in one. 

Auto Parts Stores

Another place you might find metal for sale is the local auto parts store. Because it is used in fabrication and repair, some of the independent auto parts stores keep steel on hand. In most cases, sheet metal and lightweight material are what you will find here, but it never hurts to check with them and see what they have available or can get for you. 

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