Bail Bonds: 3 Mistakes To Avoid

If were recently arrested and were able to be released on bail, it is important that you are on your absolute best behavior while out on bail. Regardless of whether you are guilty or not guilty of the charges that have been brought against you, if you make any kind of mistakes between now and the upcoming hearing, the consequences can be disastrous for you. Here are three mistakes that you want to ensure that you avoid once you have been charged with a crime and released on bail. 

Mistake #1: Missing Schedule Court Dates 

While you are out on bail, your priority should be making all court dates that are scheduled. If you miss just one hearing, you could face serious consequences and may even wind up back behind bars. In addition, it could negatively impact your family's financial security since failing to show up to your schedule court date is considered skipping bail—even if you believe that you have an adequate excuse. Therefore, if you miss a court date, your family—or whoever signed for the bond—will be responsible for the full amount of the bond.  

Mistake #2: Leaving the State or Country 

In some cases, there may be no travel restrictions. In others, Defendants are not allowed to leave the state or the country. Some bail bond companies will impose travel restrictions in exchange for their own services. Of course, even if there are no travel restrictions in your case, there are hurdles that you may face when trying to come back into the counter; therefore, it is recommended that you simply stay put while your case is pending. Otherwise, you may miss a scheduled court date.  

Mistake #3: Getting Re-arrested 

If you are out on bail and get arrested again, your situation will only get more complicated than it already is. Whether you get arrested for charges that are related to your initial offense or something completely unrelated, being behind bars will add significant stress to your family's already dire financial situation, as they may need to secure an additional bond to get you out of jail again. In some cases, you may be ineligible to be released on bail because of the situation. Plus, getting arrested while out on bail won't look good when you go to court and try to get your charges reduced or dropped.  

For more information on the bail bond process or to secure a bond for a loved one in jail, contact a bail bond company in your area.  

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